I give you, DRUMCORE!!!

2012-05-18 11:53:30 by ApexMACHINE

Yup, I have been working really hard lately on a new way of looking at electronic production. Being a metalhead with a love for industrial, I thought about creating an electronic version of metal that is purely digital. Same heaviness as metal, same pace as drum and bass with the industrial machinations of that dirty cyber sound.

I am big into science fiction, and have worked really hard on mingling the distorted monstrosity that is Hardhouse, hardcore and rave, and dub it Drumcore.

It's a lot less melodic, with a lot more fx based rhythms. But the pace and backbeats break away and are written the same way you would write metal drums.

The new track is called DECEPTICORE, and I am very excited to preview it all to you over the next few days. It's transformers inspired, and was written as a journey through the mind and core of a Decepticon as he powers up his weapons.

I have really enjoyed getting my geek on. Hopefully you will like it as well!!!

Where there is internet, there shall be haters and assholes. Can't do anything about it, so lets start doing something positive.

Firstly, I will be doing a minimum of 10 reviews a day from here on in. I will dedicate to the artist an honest, fair and productive review of their work and hopefully counter act for the hater votes.

With all the time and work it takes to complete a project and upload it online, it at least (In my opinion) gives you a minimum score of two, as far as I am concerned. So you will never get a zero vote from me, if I listen to your music.

I plan on helping people who have a love for music, and a love for NG.

The rest of you fucking idiots won't be getting a look-in. Assholes.

Wow... so after making a fairly light-hearted introduction into the audio forum I was immediately swamped by a fair amount of pretentious, elitist, arrogant muppets. Well, if its alright for those to exist so openly and freely (Thanks to the joy of the internet) then I am allowed to complain about them.

This profile isn't for YOU. It IS here for musicians and collaborators who don't take themselves quite so seriously as they take their art/projects/contributions.

I am a fairly chilled out guy, but it annoys me when people who have been in the NG.com arena for so long have begun being so damn short with lesser folk such as myself. What a huge dissappointment for my first time back here in a few years.

The only reason I am here is to share the music I make and possibly give people some tunes they can work with. I like working with people, thats all. Nothing more nothing less. If you are interested, then its a win. If not, move along... these are not the droids you are looking for.

Back in black!

2012-05-13 11:39:02 by ApexMACHINE

Word dudes. I have begun to update since the new site went live, which includes uploading new information and music projects for you to use in your own.

I love writing music, and really appreciate the cool community on NG. Been here a while, and never really done much with my own stuff. That changes NOW! More projects coming soon!!!