Entry #4

I give you, DRUMCORE!!!

2012-05-18 11:53:30 by ApexMACHINE

Yup, I have been working really hard lately on a new way of looking at electronic production. Being a metalhead with a love for industrial, I thought about creating an electronic version of metal that is purely digital. Same heaviness as metal, same pace as drum and bass with the industrial machinations of that dirty cyber sound.

I am big into science fiction, and have worked really hard on mingling the distorted monstrosity that is Hardhouse, hardcore and rave, and dub it Drumcore.

It's a lot less melodic, with a lot more fx based rhythms. But the pace and backbeats break away and are written the same way you would write metal drums.

The new track is called DECEPTICORE, and I am very excited to preview it all to you over the next few days. It's transformers inspired, and was written as a journey through the mind and core of a Decepticon as he powers up his weapons.

I have really enjoyed getting my geek on. Hopefully you will like it as well!!!


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