Hater votes... the NG's curse.

2012-05-15 14:51:08 by ApexMACHINE

Where there is internet, there shall be haters and assholes. Can't do anything about it, so lets start doing something positive.

Firstly, I will be doing a minimum of 10 reviews a day from here on in. I will dedicate to the artist an honest, fair and productive review of their work and hopefully counter act for the hater votes.

With all the time and work it takes to complete a project and upload it online, it at least (In my opinion) gives you a minimum score of two, as far as I am concerned. So you will never get a zero vote from me, if I listen to your music.

I plan on helping people who have a love for music, and a love for NG.

The rest of you fucking idiots won't be getting a look-in. Assholes.


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